Kamaruka Education Centre is committed to continually update teaching methodologies and modify programs to meet individual needs. The staff is encouraged to participate in professional development seminars enabling them to be informed of the most effective teaching practices, innovative educational programs and medical research findings relevant to students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Difficulties and Social/Emotional Disorders. Professional development opportunities enable school staff to widen their understanding of students’ individual needs, to enhance and expand their teaching strategies and provide an opportunity to network with other professionals.

Opportunities for Professional Development are provided by:

  1. Internal In-services
    Each term, staff planning days will be arranged for program review and feedback on student progress. Coordinated strategies will be formulated to address the particular needs of the students enrolled.
    Informally, the principal will advise individual staff as to teaching styles and discipline approach to be adopted for particular behaviours.

  2. Local In-Services
    Both the Education Department and the AISV organise Professional Development opportunities during and after school for the benefit of staff in both systems. The school is committed to finance those in-services of benefit to Kamaruka Education Centre.

  3. Observation – Other Schools
    Staff are encouraged to visit other specialist schools that have programs designed to cater for the needs of students with behavioural problems and/or learning difficulties. Specialist teachers and health professionals are also invited to observe classes at Kamaruka Education Centre and share their expertise with the staff.

  4. Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
    Attendance at conferences, seminars & workshops (particularly related to the education of boys with ADHD) will be encouraged and promoted, to ensure staff keep abreast of current educational developments within both the State and Independent school systems.
    Conferences, seminars & workshops organised by health professionals are of particular interest to Kamaruka Education Centre, and every effort will be made to have a representative attend such conferences.

  5. Other Studies
    Staff are encouraged to pursue courses for their own professional development, providing it does not interfere with their teaching commitments. In particular, staff who are not trained in Special Education are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications and attend in-services to enhance their understanding of the needs of students with learning difficulties.

Further Requirements and Responsibilities

Staff who take part in Professional Development will be required to give a detailed report at staff meetings of the PD undertaken.

All policy documents are accessible on the Kamaruka website and are available for staff to view in each staff room. Copies are provided for parents with enrolment forms.

This policy was last ratified by the Kamaruka Advisory Committee on 6 November 2008