New enrolments in the Kamaruka Education Centre program will be accepted throughout the school year provided places are available and the following criteria are met:

  1. The student has undertaken a WISC-IV or equivalent test recently administered by a qualified psychologist that demonstrates their capacity to cope with the demands of the curriculum.

  2. A Parent/Guardian must provide documents certified by a Health Professionals detailing the students’ diagnosis. If the student has not been diagnosed, the Parent/Guardian must agree for testing to be conducted by the school psychologist.

  3. Only boys between the ages of 8 and 16 will be accepted unless special circumstances warrant enrolment, and subject to approval by the Advisory Committee.

  4. Boys will need to have a history of negative experiences in mainstream schools and may include several of the following conditions:
    (i) diagnosis of ADHD and/or ASD
    (ii) not diagnosed, but exhibiting significant symptoms of ADHD
    (iii) social/emotional disorder
    (iv) low self-esteem

  5.  Parents / Guardians support the program at Kamaruka Education Centre and work cooperatively with staff to implement sanctions conducive to behavioural change.

  6. The student participates in all activities in the program including all school camps unless exempted by the principal.

  7. The student demonstrates a willingness to modify unacceptable behaviours, accepts consequences and is compliant with school rules and staff guidance.

  8. The student’s behaviour is not so severe that it threatens the progress of other students and the success of the program.

  9. The parent/guardian who is responsible for enrolment accepts to pay the school fees as set by the Advisory Committee each year, or as otherwise arranged with the principal by a written agreement.

  10. The parent/guardian signs the Enrolment Acceptance Form, acknowledging that they adhere to and support the school policies.

Enrolment in the Kamaruka Education Centre program is subject to regular revue by the principal in consultation with the school psychologist and relevant staff.

Any student who has not responded to the exhaustive measures and strategies implemented to modify behaviour, may not be permitted to continue their enrolment at Kamaruka.

• This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

All policy documents are accessible on the Kamaruka website and are available for staff to view in each staff room. Copies are provided for parents with enrolment forms.

This policy was last ratified by School Advisory Committee on 3 August 2017