The discipline policy has been formulated to meet the educational rights and social needs of each individual, with the ultimate aim of integration of each student into a mainstream school, TAFE, apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship training course.

Discipline Procedures

The following sequential process is intended only as a guide to disciplinary procedure. At all times each student needs to be considered as an individual with specific needs and must be counselled and disciplined accordingly.
For the general behavioral program:

  • Warnings and/or time penalties

  • Isolation from peers and distractions

  • Loss of privileges

  • Community service

  • Home Sanctions

  • Behavioral Contract

  • Suspension

  • Dismissal from program after consulting with staff & the school psychologist

For repeated refusal to participate in the programmed activities:

  • Equivalent time detention after school and exclusion from Friday excursion for minor offence

  • Parents/guardian contacted

  • Dismissal from the program if, in the opinion of the principal, the student’s behaviour has a detrimental impact on the successful implementation of the program for other students.

For bullying and/or violent behaviour:

  • Community service for one week and exclusion from Friday excursion.

  • Exclusion from all/or part of martial arts classes.

  • Parents/guardian notified and written warning given that a repeat offence will result in immediate suspension if, in the principal’s opinion, the welfare of other students or staff is threatened.

  • In extreme cases of violence where a student or staff member has sustained injury, the offending student will be immediately expelled and parents informed.

Physical Intervention – Restraint

Restraint will be used under the following circumstances:

  • The student’s behaviour is dangerous to himself or others

  • Various positive reinforcement techniques have been implemented appropriately and the student has repeatedly failed to respond.

  1. The nature of intervention could range from “Time Out” to physical removal if the student
    refuses to comply to reasonable directions.
    Physical Intervention is not a consequence; it is a limit on allowable behaviour.

  2. The student involved should be warned that the intervention is to be applied and should
    be given appropriate time to comply

  3. Any required restraint will be administered by the principal or a member of staff
    authorised by the principal. Other members of staff would only resort to the use of
    physical restraint to safeguard individuals in extreme cases of emergency.

  4. All incidents requiring restraint or containment will be recorded by the principal in the Incident Report file, and by the teacher involved, on the daily Anecdotal Report Sheet.

  5. The following information will be noted:
    • Student involved

    • Date, time and place of incident

    • Description of inappropriate behaviour

    • Intervention or disciplinary action used

    • Name of teacher (& witness if applicable) administering the intervention

    • Parents contacted

This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle

All policy documents are accessible on the Kamaruka website and are available for staff to view in each staff room. Copies are provided for parents with enrolment forms.

This policy was last ratified by School Advisory Committee on 3 August 2017